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Each month, Business in Focus reaches more than 468,200 industry leaders in all areas of North American business including; Manufacturing, Technology, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Logistics, Finance, Resource and Construction

CANADA 176,300

USA 291,900


Instead of your message being seen just once and never again, it remains active, catalogued, and online for years, viewed by potential clients over and over again.


At Business In Focus, we take pride in bringing our readers a comprehensive view of North American business, month after month.

Our online editions keep you on top of the latest news and events across multiple industries, and highlight the nation’s leaders in their respective fields. By sitting down with Managers, Founders, Directors, and CEOs, we are able to bring the stories of their success to you.

With a focus on growth, opportunities and education, we also take a balanced and in-depth view of challenges facing North American businesses at large, and speak with representatives of the country’s most prominent associations, trade bodies, and government departments, keeping an eye on the policies, events, and issues that affect us all.

With an emphasis on learning from top North American firms and a clear view of the entire business landscape, we truly bring North American business into focus.


We believe advertising is at its strongest when it reaches its audience over the long run. At Business in Focus, your advertisements will be featured in our monthly print and digital magazine, and will remain active on our website for two or more years, guaranteeing you maximum visibility to potential clients.

At Business in Focus, you have the opportunity to work with our talented in-house design team, who will create your company’s ad at no additional fee. While other publications restrict the client’s use of the custom ads they create, we allow our clients to retain the reproduction rights of those ads for any other purposes.


Your ad will be featured in both our digital magazine, and our monthly print edition.


Custom ad design. A large readership. Your company displayed online for two full years.


At Business in Focus, it is our business to help promote your business. Our subscriber base is one of the strongest in the North American market, giving your ads a broad reach at a competitive price. Our informative corporate profiles and thought-provoking features grab the interest of both vendors and potential clients, bringing the two together in a winning combination for advertisers.

2019 Editorial Timeline


Quarter 1

Modern Medicine

The Power of SMEs

Earth Month: Food and Agriculture

Quarter 2

Entertainment & Electronics

Electric, and Self-Driving Vehicles

The Thirst for Power

Quarter 3

Shifting Gears

A Look at Logistics

The Changing Workforce

Quarter 4

Warehousing and E-Commerce

Retail at the Year’s End

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The Modern Advantage


Business in Focus is published both as an online magazine and a high quality printed hard copy. By publishing online we are able to extend readership beyond simply a one-month cycle by keeping our articles online and Google indexed for a minimum of two years. We never hide our content behind a subscription paywall, so our clients and readers can easily access and share content, and reach the widest possible audience.

We also work closely with our content partners to create a stand-alone document, with a front and back cover, for clients to share or print locally for their own promotion independently from the full edition of the magazine.

With today's audience gravitating more and more towards consuming content online and through mobile and digital devices, our growth strategy and focus of distribution is connected closely to that medium.  What separates us from most of our competitors is that we still believe in providing a quality printed product to ensure a wholistic approach to distribution and subscriptions. We print and distribute a full gloss printed edition every month, and provide a complimentary copy to each of our valued advertisers and feature companies.


Client Feedback


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Important Collaborations



Focus Media Group is excited to partner with SmartWay, an initiative of the EPA that aims to transform transportation supply chains into efficient and sustainable systems without sacrificing productivity or economic viability. By adopting a data-driven approach and a global mindset, SmartWay supports its partners in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions, with an eye toward creating a sustainable future for the industry and the world. We are proud to highlight SmartWay and a number of its leading members in Business in Focus.


Since the very first issue of Construction in Focus, the progressive construction union LiUNA has been an important Media Partner to Focus Media Group, covered across multiple titles. Our discussions with LiUNA’s leaders enable us to gain a better understanding of the construction industry through their 12 million workers, and accurately report back to our loyal subscribers.


Focus Media Group is thrilled to be a Media Partner to Automate, in anticipation of their November 2019 convention. We know the automation industry is one of the fastest advancing sectors, and of critical interest to readers of our Business in Focus and Manufacturing in Focus titles. We have featured both the Robotics Industry Association, and the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), and will continue to give their members the spotlight they deserve.


Giving Back

Business in Focus is firmly committed to providing complimentary exposure for Associations, Unions, and Conventions in the sectors we represent. We value the thought leadership that comes with the responsibility of running those organizations and want to ensure our magazine is strongly linked to their agenda. 

We also sponsor a number of charity and non-profit organizations by giving them free full page ad placements, appearing alongside our other industry leading clients. It is important that we show the full picture of industries we serve, not just the largest economic presence.


Environmental Accountability

Environmental accountability is important to us, as it is for many of the businesses we represent. At Business in Focus we work to minimize our carbon footprint in all areas as we grow. By focusing on subscriber growth digitally, we reduce environmental impact not only by using less paper and ink, but by dramatically reducing the environmental cost of logistics involved in distribution.

We are also committed to a paperless environment and focus on digital platforms to organize and manage our business.  Some of these capabilities include Sharepoint servers for document management, digital signatures for document signing, email contracts, fax to email services, electronic invoices and receipts.

We encourage our content partners to download and distribute their marketing brochures electronically and educate them on how to reach a broad audience leveraging social media, email campaigns, and their own websites or blogs.