Focus Media Group

We’re Hiring!

Would you like to work for an amazing, growing company who cares about their employees? If you answered no, here are Five Reasons you shouldn’t work here:

We have fun!

If you like to be way too serious and work through your breaks, this isn’t the place for you. Totally cliché, but we work hard and play hard! We strike up a mean game of ping pong every day on break, and we plan semi-regular “field trips” that include axe throwing, bowling, summer parties, and more! Love softball? We have a team! Don’t love softball? Don’t join the team!

We love our Management Team!

If you’re hoping to work for a horrible boss so you can complain by the water cooler, this isn’t the place for you (although we do have a water cooler). Our managers have an “open door” policy and are always around to help. They succeed when we succeed, so they offer everything from ongoing training, to mentorship, to great on the spot tips. Not to mention, they’re always implementing fun competitions to earn prizes or extra time off!

We want to make money!

If you aren’t ambitious or motivated, this isn’t the place for you. We want to reap the rewards of a job well done! This means we work super hard, calling on cool companies all day long and making unique connections. The goal? We want to include them in one of our amazing magazines by featuring their story or by offering them cool advertising opportunities!

Our team members like each other!

If you don’t like people and would rather work in a boring office all by yourself, this isn’t the place for you. We are all about company culture! Everyone here gets along and enjoys eating lunch together in the lunchroom (did we mention we also have basketball nets and an arcade in the lunchroom, in addition to ping pong?). We cheer and celebrate each other’s success – lots of high fives and atta boys to help motivate you!

We are fearless!

If you’re too shy to call a total stranger and engage in interesting and stimulating conversation, this isn’t the place for you. We call a lot of companies… seriously, a lot. But we don’t get to be one of the best publications without digging deep to find the best stories. From our content managers, to our sales managers, to our design experts and so on, we work as one amazing team to make all the glitz and glamour happen!

If all of this sounds awful, don’t apply. But if you want to start and build an exciting career with a fast-growing, awesome company, we want to meet you!


Currently Seeking: Sales Executive, Advertising


Who you are:

  • Highly skilled in telephone and email communication

  • Fearless in making cold calls

  • Eager to learn and take on challenges

  • Driven to make as much money as possible

  • A pleasure for your teammates to be around


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